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Season 1


Jonathan Legg hones in on an extended foodie mission:  Find the world’s most unpopular and under-represented cuisines.  What do they tell us about the culture? Why have they not been embraced globally?  Whether ripping motorcycles through misty Irish backroads, galloping horses through the mongolian plains, or snapping sails down the sunny Croatian coast all regions are explored.  And From runny duck fetuses, to jiggly blood pudding, to stuffed camel carcasses all edibles are consumed. It’s a culinary adventure full of mishaps, risk, and the most unloved food on the planet.  Is it buried in obscurity, is about to emerge, or is it just bad? Come find out on Food Unknown.

Episode 1

Philippines: The nation of 7,000 islands has no problems with beach, sun, or sea; but they suffer tremendously with cuisine image.  Jonathan lands in Manila to discover the top chefs are well aware of the issue and, following their advice, he launches off on an expedition to find part of the solution.  Driving from headhunting tribal villages, to step-back-in-time colonial towns, to restaurants in the shadow of the American military behemoth an intriguing story slowly pieces together.  In the dense jungle one treasure stays buried while another comes literally out of the woodwork. But danger always lurks.. zombie moray eels, landslide prone passes, and forbidden fields behind the rice paddies.  

Episode 2

Finland: Finland is that one Nordic country that is never on the global cuisine radar. However, the reserved Finns have been quietly perfecting their craft of foraging culture and incorporating it into their unique cuisine. Jonathan Legg explores the entire expanse of the country to understand it’s cuisine, and the ethos of the country’s top chefs; from amazing locally sourced cuisine in Helsinki, to an expedition in Lapland to learn about foraging and the Finnish delicacy, reindeer!

Episode 3

Ireland:  It’s the birthplace of Halloween, but the ghosts and ghouls which have canvassed the world have not scared up much interest in Irish cuisine.  Mounting a classic motorcycle Jonathan tours a land of mystic traditions, boisterous locals, and iconic scenery. The world’s most magnetic pub culture draws him in, border conflict pushes him out, and dark legends pull him around.  It’s an adventure soaked in rain, lore, and the food of ancestor’s past.   

Episode 4

Mexico: Jonathan Legg is from California and he thinks he knows Mexican cuisine. This notion gets shattered as he experiences the onslaught of food in Mexico city! Between trying scorpion tacos and dodging shady markets in San Juan, he learns the dark art of sacred drinks, like pulque and mezcal, now turned into social libations. His journey also takes him to Oaxaca where he gets the low down on the fabled Mole sauce, and a long haul to a remote village reveals a secret ceremony that has origins of dark arts!

Episode 5

Russia: Jonathan faces his toughest challenge yet as he enters a country that has been coming to grips in defining and understanding their own cuisine. Through the historical turmoil and harsh climate, Russia has lost it’s traditional way of cooking, and eating. But the country is reviving this culture; Jonathan ventures the far stretches of the country to learn about modern cooks, as well as ancient kitchens housing the one key tool that gave birth to true Russian cuisine, the Russian oven. He’ll learn their insights, understand their efforts, and work with traditional Russian ingredients to learn what the cuisine used to be, and where it’s headed today. 

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