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Road less traveled


Season 3


Season 3 of Road less Traveled! Our longest season yet, pinballing around Europe to the Eastern bloc countries - one of our most adventurous stints of filming. 

Episode 1

Episode 1 - Nevada:   Jonathan begins the journey from California with a rugged 4x4 cross of the Mojave desert, full of ghost towns and danger.   Arriving in sin city, Las Vegas he looks around the corners to expose the hidden side of town: slick hustlers, pig farms, and underground dwellers.  But a hunt for a legendary treasure pulls him again into the desert, with the assistance of salacious consorts he digs for something unexpected deep in the dunes.

Episode 2

Episode 2 - Cambodia:  Jonathan enters a country still recovering from a violent past.  He tours the killing fields with a man with a compelling story and examines how the massive breakdown in society has lead to unusual freedoms like pharmaceutical drug and automatic weapon accessibility.  But beyond bizarre tourist frivolities, more serious aftershocks still resonate: Forests and wildlife vulnerable to a greedy world market. Our host meets a small special forces type team that has stepped into the vacuum, fighting tooth and nail to protect whats left of the country's natural wonders as they try to establish a revolutionary ecotourism project.  On an Apocalypse Now type river patrol and in secret raids across the border Jonathan learns their techniques for combating the hordes of poachers and loggers, but can the battle be won?

Episode 3

Episode 3 - India (Varanasi, Mayong, Delhi):   Jonathan begins a quest to find an extreme type of holy man reputed to eat human flesh and commit other blatant acts of embracing taboos in a strange path to nirvana.  He begins in the holy city of Varanasi: The Jerusalem of Asia. On it's gritty, narrow cobblestone alleyways he encounters a variety of bizarre expressions of spirituality and devotion, from starving babas to burning corpses.  The search continues in the village of mayong where ancient black magic practice is passed on in secrecy from generations past. A slight detour finds our host in Delhi where all things bovine are investigated. In a city where 50,000 cows roam free under the blanket of divinity, who is sheltering the injured and who is covertly slaughtering the unnoticed?

Episode 4

Episode 4 - India (Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya):   The quest for the extreme holy men, the aghori, continues as a new one begins.  In a country where anything can be found, Jonathan is unsurprising to find women in different roles and status, but the extremes are shockingly diverse and unexpected.  In the countryside he joins a vigilante group with a celebrity leader that is pushing back against oppression with an innovative and aggressive approach. Sparks fly as the group descends on families accused of abuse.  On the flip side of the coin, in the NE city of Shillong, Jonathan meets females so empowered that the men are clamoring for more rights. He tours the city with a strong Khasi woman and gets her unique take on the tribes matrimonial lifestyle, and then later joins the disgruntled guy for a testosterone boosting activity inspired by the poet Walt Whitman.  Back on the spiritual hunt, our host gets a hot lead that brings him to a temple long linked to rumors of human sacrifice. Sneaking into an inner chamber he sees the hungry goddess slake her hunger for blood.

Episode 5

Episode 5 - Italy (Rome, Venice, Pisa):  Italy in the summertime is as touristy as it gets...  can Jonathan still find the road less traveled? Taking up the challenge he takes a circumambulation of the ancient Aurelian wall to tell the story of the rise and fall of one of the world's mightiest empires, meets a hard core group of aficionados who have recaptured the spirit of the gladiator, and later descends into a pit in the middle of Rome filled with wild animals.  A cryptic form of divination leads him to Venice where he follows the startling story of how nearly half the known world expired. One spot was singled out by the city to contain the epidemic: A small, fortified island of death which is off limits but not entirely impenetrable... Over in the city of the famous leaning tower, Jonathan dives into Italy's more underappreciated festival and joins a battle that has waged since the golden age of the city-state.

Episode 6

Episode 6 - Italy (The North):  In stunning Lago di Garda Jonathan attempts to pull off a paragliding maneuver which almost put him in a wet grave last summer.  Nearby, in the city of Bolzano, he joins a crack helicopter rescue force to run rescue drills, but a real emergency might sink his mission.   When it's time to leave, our host decides to take a one-of-a-kind white knuckle route over the majestic Dolomite mountains and all the way up to switzerland to visit a town that revolves, clockwise, around a single purpose.  

Episode 7

Episode 7 - Belgium:  In a country not renowned for excitement, something huge is about to happen.  Jonathan digs around the Flanders exploring western Europe's least appreciated region.  He discovers how a Christmas cookie has turned into a spreading sensation, learns the art of drawing comics, and discovers cuisine flavored with Europes oldest sweetener.. guarded tenaciously by a swarming army.  Suddenly all the world comes to Belgium. On a legendary racetrack he meets the crew of Lamborghini and flashes back to an encounter at their factory in Bologna. On a gargantuan stage Europe's largest EDM event prepares to explode.  But one man won’t attend either event. Jonathan looks into the fascinating story and mystery of the “Castle Murder.” And investigation that will go from gated estates, to shallow graves, to… pigeons. 

Episode 8

Episode 8 - England: Jonathan plunges into London for an urban adventure, exploring the subcultures of the diverse city.  A trip that will include stripping for naked poetry, spraying bars with grime rappers, and viewing burlesque at it’s roots.  But when an invitation comes in to have tea with the heir to Twinings tea, he must hire an accent coach and borrow 6,000 dollar suit to pull off the scene.  After a full round of British cuisine exploration Jonathan heads up to the Top Gear track in a tire squealing attempt to beat Tom Cruise’s time.

Episode 9

Episode 9 - England, Wales:  Jonathan travels across the pond to the land of his ancestors to look into the British isles homegrown beliefs, legends, and sports in a trip that begins with a vampire lurking in a cemetery and ends with zombie apocalypse.  In between the macabre and pandemonium he attends a Wicca ceremony in London’s oldest occult book shop, meets a crusading druid by stonehenge, transverses dramatic Welsh cliffs using coasteering, and competes for mucky glory at the Bog Snorkeling Championships.

Episode 10

Episode 10 - France:   Jonathan enters Europe’s fashion capital to try and grasp what makes it “Tre Chic”  But as he meets with modeling agencies and designers something is lurking below him in the ancient catacombs, where hundreds of miles of passages contain the bones of the dead, curiosities left by “cataphiles”, and a secretive vampire society.  Above ground a parkour expert teaches our host the art of moving across an urban landscape by channeling his inner monkey boy, and as the Technoparade rolls down the Parisian streets he pulls on his connection with DJ Nick V to spin in the most electric moment.

Episode 11

Episode 11 - Romania:  Dracula may be the most famous resident, but our host learns that their are equally outlandish tales to be told beyond the hills of Transylvania.  A meeting with a woman who secretly transcribed 3,000 Hollywood films while under an oppressive regime inspires Jonathan to make his own movie. So with a small budget and a cast of local actors he scouts Saxon castles, Danube tributaries, and ruined buildings to direct an action adventure flick.   Outside of the production he takes an inside look at internet chat rooms from angles rarely seen and struggles to compete in a sport tabbed as the long lost ancestor of baseball.

Hang tight! We're working on bringing up episodes 12-17 soon!

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