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Welcome to Yatra World! If you're here, you probably got forwarded via Dainese's social media! Just a bit of info, Road less Traveled is our globetrotting adventure series that chronicles the unscripted adventures of Jonathan Legg in far out destinations. For our Cyprus episode, Dainese very graciously sponsored Jonathan's riding apparel and gear (AGV Helmet, gloves, boots, t-shirts, armored pants) - we're big fans of Dainese, and of course, motorcycling, which is why we ride so much on the series! Shoutout to Dainese for shipping out the gear TO Cyprus, that is some fantastic support and we really appreciate it! 


Now, on to the show, if you landed on this page, you probably LOVE Dainese, and you might also love traveling/travel shows as well as 2-wheeled content! We invite you to watch the CYPRUS episode of Road Less Traveled, all for free! Just scroll down to the gallery below, hover over the thumbnail of our Cyprus episode and boom, start watching, for FREE! If you like the series, and our service, we invite you to subscribe and watch all our originals for just 5.99USD / month. Any device, anywhere on the planet, cancel ANYTIME!


There's more 2 wheeled adventure content, including riding a Royal Enfield through the Himalayas, riding a BMW R1200GS through Montenegro, a Zero FX through Arizona, the list goes on! We hope you'll give us a shot and we look forward to sharing more of our shows/adventures on Yatra!  

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