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Road less traveled


Season 2


Season 2 of Road less Traveled! This season is heavy on South East Asia but there's the ocassional random episode from Europe like our premiere episode; basically, if you want to experience South East Asia RLT style, this is your season! 

Episode 1

Amsterdam to Morocco: Jonathan begins season two with a leap, a splash, and a triangle choke.  A leisurely bike ride around scenic Amsterdam comes to a violent conclusion at a gym where kickboxing legend Albert Kraus and MMA women’s champ Marloes Coenen challenge our host to mano a mano combat.  Unbroken, he travels to the idyllic Dutch countryside to learn the obscure regional sport of fierjeppen; where speed, skill, and a long pole combine to launch a man over water; and bad technique will punish with icy baths and crushed bones.  With more expansive crossings on his mind, Jonathan heads to the largest port in Europe, where he sticks out a thumb and catches the biggest ride known to humankind: A class E 400 meter long container ship en route to Morocco. The journey ends in a quest through the rolling dunes of the Sahara to find a reclusive and ancient tribe of people in the absolute middle of nowhere.

Episode 2

Mumbai, India: Jonathan goes social climbing in an Asian megacity built on determination and dreams.  He visits the Slum Dog Millionaire neighborhood of Dharavi to find an economic powerhouse hidden in the shantytown.   From the bottom all the way to the top, our host splurges large to explore the art, architecture, and gripping history of the Taj Mahal Palace, where every notable figure, from President Clinton to John Lennon, has passed through.  But the lure of Bombay’s seething streets pulls him back down to action, where he joins up with the city’s elite NRK force on a midnight search and destroy mission.. keeping both vermin and plague at the city gates. Grubby from the endeavor, Jonathan heads to a neighborhood thriving around a singular purpose:  laundry. Rolling up his sleeves he washes, folds, and delivers in a one of a kind community. Cleaned up, he shoots for Bollywood stardom on a deadline, enrolling in the city’s oldest acting class to learn “the method”, and then crashing the set of a soap opera in hopes of scoring the big role.  

Episode 3

Thailand: In the “Land of Smiles” Jonathan has his wiped right off his face by the knees and elbows of a scrawny muy thai champ, but he regains his good will at the scenic and little understood festival of the river gods.  After brushing past a heap of licentious alternatives, Jonathan finds a world class Thai massage school looking for a couple tips, but walks out both gimpy and rattled by an unsavory reflexology session. On the seedy side, our host decides to walk right into the jaws of the lion by playing fully into the schemes of Bangkok’s infamous scam artists. In a dangerous game he attempts to outwit the con men and expose their tricks.   Leaving the big city he dives deep into rural life at a small border town where man and elephant are raised together from infancy for illicit expeditions into Burma. By a river snaking through the jungle he meets the world’s largest criminal.. can he tame the beast?

Episode 4

Indonesia: Jonathan lands in the hectic capital city of Jakarta where he begins a search for a mystical good luck charm via the town’s eclectic transportation system, from bajajs to geteks.  In a black magic shop he encounters the unusual and the downright creepy, but the charm proves elusive until he finds a pack of witch doctors outside the city gates. After enduring a ritual half horror movie, half “Jack Ass”, he escapes the scene with the gold charm buried in his arm.  Farther from the city the wacky and bizarre intensifies as Jonathan stumbles upon a troop of performers dedicated to a frightening art. Leaving the bats, machetes, and spikes behind him he seeks refuge in a community known as one of the most reclusive and secluded in the known world. Jonathan straps on a backpack and attempts a push into the forbidden villages, where secretive animistic rituals are held and Amish like customs are strictly enforced... or are they?  On the other side of Java Jonathan explores the tale of two volcanos, one inhabited by angry gods, the other by the unmerciful power of geothermic force. Both demand a sacrifice.    

Episode 5

California: California, America’s golden state.  Although most people quickly think of Hollywood and celebrities, the west coast is an absolute bonanza for sporting enthusiasts. Jonathan decides to take a week and see how many unusual, offbeat, and extreme activities he can unload from her vault of goodies.  Along the way he’ll swim like an Alcatraz escapee, rip around a racetrack at adrenaline dumping speeds, smash it up with some femme fatals on roller skates, and soar high above the SoCal mountains on a paraglider. All powered by the worlds most bio-friendly food and a blessing from an ancient Goddess.  He even takes a moment to pack your next fortune from the heart of Chinatown. This ain’t DisneyLand, surfing safari, or lounging on the beach. This is California on the road less traveled.

Episode 6

Philippines: Part 1: Jonathan embarks on an extended tour through the Philippines.  He hits the streets exploring the Colonial legacy in Spanish Intramuros, dodges around the hustle of Makati, and ends up finding humanity in the slums of Tondo.  On Manila’s one of a kind jeepney transport system Jonathan moves from a foot crushing flowery dance routine to a mean streets slobberknocker gym where boxing legend Manny Paquiao makes a surprise visit.   Leaving the big city our host goes to the opposite extreme.. immersing in ancient and somewhat disquieting customs in the foggy jungle where the god’s gave Philippine’s ancestors their most cherished possession.

Episode 7

Philippines: Part 2: Road less Traveled goes beauty and the beast, submerging into the underbelly of occult and surfacing beside the most pleasant of spectacles. Host Jonathan Legg begins in Manila, seeking out a divine protection and good luck charms on a visit to the Black Nazarene of Quiapo church.  An interview with an exorcist kickstarts a forbidding voyage through the paranormal. filled with faith healers, charlatans, Filipino vampires, and demonic possessions in the Visayas region. Emerging rattled Jonathan saunders across life’s more pleasant pastures. With a small wad of cash and the right connections a beauty pageant comes together.  Who will be Miss RLT?

Episode 8

Vietnam: Deep in the bowls of Vietnam’s fabric market Jonathan looks to refresh his stale wardrobe.  A lucky encounter with a fashion designer goes awry leaving our host a little “old school.” Grabbing a special kind of transportation Jonathan goes on a unique journey through Hanoi, uncovering the city’s turbulent past and novelties of the present including a massive and mystical creature lurking in the heart of town.  But it’s an entirely different monster which threatens to bring his travels to a close. If the animal kingdom doesn’t drag our host down, an elite bomb disposal team has an opening and a mission.

Episode 9

Malaysia: Jonathan gets a running start in K.L., literally! He joins the worlds oldest drinking group with a running problem leading to an arduous dash in the forests and an even grizzlier hazing ritual by the Hash House Harriers.  In a shi shi mall Jonathan chances upon a very unique dating campaign based around shoe selection. Armed with the dating advice of SE Asia’s relationship expert, Jonathan jumps right into a speed dating stint and a very quirky tour of the city with 3 very different personalities. More pressing matters surface and Jonathan heads to the frontline in Borneo to take account of lives which will soon be underwater.

Episode 10

Japan: Part 1: In the world’s most populous city, Jonathan embarks on a quest to understand the new social dynamics of a modern society.  Through robot conventions, high speed rail sushi restaurants, girl band geek fests, host clubs, and maid cafes the changing nature of relationships and connection is revealed in all it’s bizarre glory.  But Tokyo’s relationship with its ghosts may be even more intriguing… our host peers deep down the well of the dead before emerging to find the secret core of the town’s most vibrant lives.

Episode 11

Japan: Part 2: During the Sengoku period Japan was the realm of warriors:  Samurai, Ronin, Ninja. Jonathan looks to descend into the past by uncovering the little changed traditions of Bushido, training with ancient warfare’s most deadly weapons and learning the hush-hush art of deception.  A trip to one coastline ends with a dark water plunge alongside a reclusive clan of female freedivers, pulling treasures from the deep under the protection of a generous goddess. A journey to the opposite coast literally picks up the pieces left behind in the terror of a 30 meter wave.

Episode 12

SEASON SPECIAL: A season’s worth of recap! Host Jonathan Legg recounts his best moments from the second season of Road Less Traveled, revealing unique insights from the destinations and releasing never before seen footage.   A demon possession theory is submitted, behind the scenes struggles are uncovered, and an epic floating fiasco is exposed. And if all that doesn’t give you a new perspective of RLT, the pole dancing surely will.

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